Okay so by now you will have probably signed up to KudosNetwork for the Free iPhone 4 you have chosen and you have completed one of the  offers. But what about referrals?

You can get them like this :

    • Social networks – The list of online social networking websites is endless so you can get a big number of referrals. ( Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. )
    • Websites – Add your referral link to your personal websites or blogs. Blogging is excellent for getting referrals because it generates higher traffic than most conventional websites
    • Friends or Family – Email your referral link to everyone in your address book and explain how they could receive a Free iPhone 4 if they signed up for you and completed a free offer.
    • Forums and Chat Rooms – You can make new topics, insert links in your signature or make new friends on chat rooms

These are some ideas about how you can get some refs. If you are creative enough you can find much more methods.

I know  the idea of convincing others doesn’t sound very fun especially when you are quiet person  who lacked credibility with friends and family, like me. However, this skill can be improved so you don’t need to worry too much about this. After you will walk on a difficult road, full of danger and little monsters you will meet a strange man… ok ok, I’ll stop this unnecessary story.   The point is, talking to others will work if you do it effectively.

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