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New tricks

New tricks and a new iOS


As you saw before, you know it’s a tradition here at MY FREE GADGET to talk about new stuff  and also free stuff. With a new free gadget it comes a lot of features. Here is a list of some  tricks of the new iOS. Isn’t this fu***ng great ???!?  Yeah, right…

  • Remove keyboard from Messages
    When the keyboard is visable making it hard to see the whole text message simply swipe the message down and the keyboard is hidden. And swipe up to reveal!
  • (more…)

What is new

What is new at the new iPhone 4S ?



  • Siri: Use your voice to send messages, type messages, set reminders, and even to open the correct App to answer your questions!
  • iMessage: Send unlimited messages to other iPhones, for free.
  • Dual core: With dual A5 chips, the new iPhone 4S is faster and can generate even greater graphics. (more…)

The new iPhone 4S it’s only 25

The new iPhone 4S it’s only 25

What is 25 ?  If you already read our main page you should now that number “25” means referrals. And yes, you can get an iPhone 4S just by inviting 25 peopple to join Kudos. Isn’t this fun and easy ?  I mean, OMG !

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The new iPhone 4S

I am Ceed

I am Ceed



You can succeed.

Hi ! I am Ceed.

Ok ok, leaving the joke aside you can succeed too . I made 119 GBP just by inviting 7 people. Do you realise how easy is this ?  Only 7 people . If you understand this system you can have a lot of money. I do not want to appear to be a teacher because I have a lot more to learn too.

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Thank you.

Something big is on the way

Something big is on the way


But, it’s really that big ?


Received 119 GBP from Kudos

Received 119 GBP from Kudos

Today, on 28th September, 2011 I received my first payment from Kudos Network  . Below you have the proof.

Thank you very much Kudos !

I invite you all to register here.  You can do it too. It took about 2 weeks because I was a beginner, but you can make it in one day with my help now. I know people who get around 1000$ a week. You do it from your desk, at your home so you don’t have to put a really hard work into it. All you have to do is to have a strong willpower and patience. You will not spend a cent for this, but you win a lot because you will become an advertiser for a company .

And now the proof as I promised you


I received my first payment from Kudos. Read more on myfreegadget.wordpress.comFirst payment from Kudos Network. Read more on myfreegadget.wordpress.com

Payment Approved

Payment Approved


First payment approved myfreegadget.wordpress.com


I placed an order for 136 GBP ( = 8 referrals ) and I had 10 approved referrals, but 3 of them were banned so my first order hasn’t been approved. After 1-2 hours I saw this,  I placed another order for 119 GBP ( = 7 referrals) that has been approved and it’s on the way ! Thank you and I invite you to REGISTER HERE




Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note


Probably the  best phone of the moment… How can I be sure of this ? Look down


Samsung Galaxy Note specifications:


First payment

First payment is on za way !!!

First payment from Kudos myfreegadget.wordpress.com

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