Our family

What do we know about our family ?


Man does not live alone, he is a part of the society and everyone helps building and maintaining a balance of social order. We have the power to take any decision, we have the freedom  to choose what we think it’s best for us.  Everything starts from childhood when we begin tovunderstand and see with different eyes the world around.

Behavior, our personality, money or success is largely due to the family, because, until we become adults, we spend most time in the middle of the family. In other words, the family gives you the inner joy and the moral support that each of us needs. It has a formal role, because family is representing a very important step for our development.

Problems with our family ?


In a family, the joy and the happines it’s not only yours, the whole family lives with that. This pushes you to go beyond a failure, to have the strength to go on. Though the increase in good spirit is a duty for a parent, a huge mistake is that they make excess in protecting their children.

They love their children and they want to lighten their lives as much as they can, but in doing so, the child will head to an existence as opposed to a free and independent one, depriving them all the skills to handle life alone. How many times have we seen someone at 19 -20 years old praying for parents to leave  he or she to go outside or somewhere else, when he or she is already at the age when you should be the only person capable of deciding what to do in  life,you should be able take decisions. What will such a person do when she will be in trouble? Who will help an older age person if she is used to receive help without fighting for it?

Man, unlike animals thinks, he is not driven only by instincts and his actions are  a communion between what you feel and what you think. Everything starts from the education given by parents. So first things you learn about lifestyle, you learn from your parents and children receive more than theydeserve and this is an injustice.

I know the “Our family” it’s a different topic from what I usually write, but this needs to be said, because so many people don’t complete an offer because their family disagrees. If you are over 15 years old  you are mature enough to think for your own life.

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