New PS3 Controller

Hyperkin PS3 Wireless Remote Controller

You can now find this gadget on Amazon. It is like a QWERTY keypad for quick and easy input.

And as I said in the “How it works” section, if a gadget it’s available online you can have it for free from Kudos. OMG!!! A new gadget available for me and does not cost a cent ! YOUR MINEEE ! muhahaha!    *slap* *another slap* *just one more slap*

The new wireless controller for PS3 - Hyperking

You can also find total DVD/Blu-ray control. So, you have a faster acces to parts of the disc than using the SixAxis controller.

The price on Amazon it’s 30$ for this gadget, which in my opinion helps you a lot. I am not a PS3 fan and  I am not using a PS3 but from what I read on the Internet this is a must have for your PS3.   Because it has a QWERTY keypad it is easier for you to send emails or to navigate through the Internet. It’s a hybrid remote, a controller and a chat pad in the same time.  There is no signs of rear triggers,  or Bluetooth connectivity, but it does come with USB receiver and rechargeable battery so you are not goind to kill anyone because your battery life is over. More people will now leave happily ever after.  Be serios dude, nobody it’s crazy enough to kill someone because the battery life from the PS3 controller it’s over . *


Let’s hope this can be connected to Android devices. Sound great, right ?


* maybe those guys could do that  ( watch them below)

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