Samsung Galaxy S II White

The new Samsung Galaxy S II White

I know lately everyone is talking about the iPhone 4 which is very popular, but it has a serios contender, the Samsung Galaxy S II which comes now in the white version. You can now have this phone for free HERE .

Samsung Galaxy S II White

Apple and Samsung have seemingly had a civil working relationship up until recently , as Apple buys a fair number of mobile parts from Samsung- mostly microchips and LCD screens. Samsung noted this same fact, but ultimately decided it wasn’t going to take things lying down, saying, ” Apple is one of our key buyers of semiconductors and display panels. However, we have no choice but respond strongly this time. ” And Samsung has indeed responded strongly

In my opinion Samsung Galaxy S II White is way better than the iPhone 4, but if you want better looking and better build quality than choose the iPhone. Although, Samsung Galaxy S II is faster and it has more features.

With a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen Samsung makes watching movies more exciting and clear.

Samsung Galaxy S II White is 8.49 mm thick. That measurement expands a little at the handset’s bottom, where a curvy bump houses its loudspeaker, and around the camera compartment, which protrudes ever so slightly from the rest of the body, but even at its thickest point, this phone doesn’t allow itself to go beyond the 1 cm mark.

As I said before, watchig movies it’s amazing, because Samsung Galaxy S II White comes with a 800×480 display resolution. With such a large display you might think that the battery life is  not very long, but I will contradict you. You can have more than 24h hours with this amazing phone, even with the WiFi connected.

It comes in two versions : 16GB or 32Gb.

It has 8 MP camera, 3264×2448 pixels and you can also make some HD movies with the 1080p feature.

Thanks to the Dual-Core 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor everything will run smooth.

You can watch here a dangerous battle between the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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