Free iPhone 4S and other free gadgets on my free gadget [dot]wordpress[dot]com                                                                                                                                                        

Would you like an iPhone4 but don’t fancy paying the hefty price for it? My free gadget was created to show everyone how to get expensive gadgets such as an iPhone.


DOWNLOAD your full guide from here or read the resume below and get your free gadget .

First, we need to thanks to the powers of affiliate marketing, because  you can now get one absolutely free without having you to sell your car for that. All you have to do is follow the 4 simple steps I will present you on this website and then you can grab your tiny mind controlling device as a fat boy would eat his ice cream cake.

If you already have an iPhone 5 ( or an iPhone 8 you.. you…you mo’fo’ alien  ) and would rather receive something else you  don’t have to worry about this because there are plenty more gadgets that you can receive for free . You can choose something from this list: iPad 2, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, Apple TV, iPod Nano, iPod classic, Mac mini, Macbook Air, iMac .. OMG.. my fingers..PLEASE, STOP this.  The list is endless, you can even place a custom order which can be for just about any item available for purchase online!

Dude, are you serios ? Just tell me how I get the damn phone and shut up. 

Ok,ok. Sorry. You need to follow 4 simple steps in order to do that :

  • Sign up at KudosNetwork and select the gift you want
  • Clear you cookies, history, temp file ; Turn off your pop-up blocker. Close your browser. Re-open it and sign up at
  • Complete one offer ( JUST ONE ), because there are a lot to choose from. Complete with your real data, otherwise you will get banned.  ( Every account is manually verified )
  • Reffer friends to KudosNetwork using your refferal link

You see how simple it is ?

Get free gadgets

I recommend you to choose Intuit offer because is a  trial offer  . For other offers you need to pay, but this is your choice. For Intuit offer you need a valid card ( You don’t have to pay anything – REMEMBER THIS ) because it is a safe measure against multiple accounts. You need to pay after 30 days ONLY if you want to continue using what Intuit has to offer you . 

I know it is really hard to accept that someone is giving you gadgets for free, but I said this once and I will say it one more time. We need to thanks to the powers of affiliate marketing. What does this crazy thing means ?  These large companies pay advertisers (ie KudosNetwork) a substantial amount of money to advertise their services to the public. KudosNetwork offer the public free gifts for trying out the services they advertise in the form of ‘offers’ and receive commision for each and ever ‘offer’ that is completed.

They receive around 50$ for an user who completed an offer. So, let’s do the math :

For an iPhone 5 you need 26 refferals : 26 refferals * 50 $  + 50$ (from you ) = 1300 $

An iPhone 5  is around 870$

1300$ – 870$ = 430$ so KudosNetwork will keep around 430$ as their own profit, Intuit have  27 potential new customers (including yourself) and you are now living your dream, the  Free iPhone 5!

Don’t waste your time. Sign up HERE  . Get started and win a free gadget

If you have any question go to “Contact” section and I will answer you in 24h.Calling icon from iPhone

It’s real ? Yes . Look at the TestimonialsImage for proof section of my free gadget

  1. Ma puteti ajuta si pe mine cu referarurile nu merege am incercat sa fac pe celalalt laptop cu referalul meu dar mi-am activat contul si zice ca nu merge si ca nu e complet facut referalul ce rebuie sa fac ma ajutati va rog frumos ?

    • Salut,

      Din pacate, de ceva vreme nu mai merge metoda asta pentru ca au scos oferta free. Astept sa o bage din nou si apoi iti explic. Totusi vezi ca nu ai voie sa faci de pe acelasi IP, acelasi nume sau aceasi adresa mai multe conturi.

    • Salut,

      Au activat din nou ofertele free de ceva timp daca te mai intereseaza. Au acum si iPhone 5 in oferte cu doar 26 de refferals.

  2. Mersi. Tu ai reusit vreodata sa castigi un Iphone sau ceva de aici? Ma rog fix cand m-am gandit mai mult sa-mi iau Iphone trebuie sa nu mai fie oferte free :(. Asta e viata 😦

    • Salut. Se pare ca oferta free a fost bagata din nou. Aceasta se numeste Lumosity. Nu am comandat produse pana acum, ci numai bani.

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